See if your Twitter friends follow you back

My buddies over at Less Everything have struck yet again! I seriously dont know where these guys find the time to build these apps and do client work. They must have an attic full of little Rails coding squirrels cranking this stuff out for them for the small price of a few acorns a day.

This time they have released LessFriends. A neat little app that allows you to see the following status of you and your friends on Twitter. It shows all of your friends and tells you if they follow you back or not. Pretty neat.
I was amazed at how many people do follow me back when I ran it the first time.
Im still not sure if there is a real benefit to the app other than just using it to help you do a little house cleaning on your friends list but that in itself could prove useful.
Another nicely designed app, go take a look if you use Twitter.

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