Macbook Pro Power Adapter Melted! BEWARE!!

I have to write this fast, Im almost out of power. I plugged my magnetic power adapter into my macbook pro this morning and almost immediately it start smoking from the cord behind the magnetic head.

I snatched it out and immediately unplugged it from the wall. Needless to say I was a bit freaked out. I went to the online apple store to check on a replacement and I was quite disturbed to find that this is a VERY common occurrence based on the reviews! So Im off to the apple store to buy another one at $80 which Im not really happy about.

If you have a macbook pro, keep an eye on the plug. Im glad this didnt happen while it was plugged up overnight. Scares the shit out of me that it could have caught fire!

14 thoughts on “Macbook Pro Power Adapter Melted! BEWARE!!”

  1. That exact thing happened on my 15" MBP. I took it to the store and they very quickly swapped it for a new one.

  2. you may want to check with apple support. There might be a free replacement for this. I remember that there was a class action settlement with apple over the previous power brick

  3. Mine looked the same as yours. It didn’t smoke, but it did get pretty darn hot and I swear I saw a spark once. I stopped using it then and ordered a new one – and yea – that price is freaking insane.

  4. I had the same exact thing happen. I was sitting on the couch working and started to smell something burning…it was the power cord, same place. Make sure to take it in to the store, you should get a free replacement. If you have to talk a little louder…tends to get a better reaction!

  5. > So Im off to the apple store to buy another one at $80 which Im not really happy about. <

    Wait – why are you *buying* a replacement for a clearly faulty item?

    Apple should be giving you one free of charge.

  6. Mine has just stopped working & it is frayed the same as yours.
    i’ve been web searching & there appears to be loads of people with similar problems,
    But check out this link which says you can get a free replacement.

    I’m off to an Apple store tomorrow with a copy of the above page to see if I can get a free replacement

  7. My cord actually started to smoke. Luckily I was there but now my hard drive has failed. They say there’s no connection

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