Simple CSS Based Graphing Plugin For ColdBox

I had the need the other day for a simple horizontal bar graph. I didnt want to mess with a flash based solution so I found some CSS based graphs and decided to create a ColdBox plugin for them so I can use them again later on.

So I wanted to post them here for anyone that might be interested in using them. The CSS is not my work, it was borrowed from here. Lets take a look at what they look like and how easy they are to use shall we?

For now, there are two styles of bar graph. A simple version and a more complex version. There is also a vertical bar graph but its not quite ready. I will release it as an update in the near future.

The Simple Bar Graph




results in this:

The Complex Graph



results in this:

As you can see, they are very simple graphs as well as simple to use. Just thought they might make it easy for someone who might need them. Let me know if you have any issues or would like a particular enhancement and we can tweak them.

Download the plugin here.

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