Skweegee Is NOT Dead!! New Screenshots

Thats right, its NOT dead! I have been getting quite a few emails over the last several months prodding me to get something released. And thank God for them! I finally got off my ass and spent some time getting it ready to go.
After one and a half years, 2 frameworks, 2 ORMS, and 3 re-writes, Im about ready to open the private beta! The SVN repo is closed right now but Im going to open it up after we complete the private beta.If your are interested in joining the beta, stay tuned. Im going to be posting a sign-up form VERY soon. As in the next couple days. Giving feedback is a requirement of the beta so if you dont have time to test it and report back, please dont sign up. Im only opening a select number of spots so that I can manage the beta group more effectively and I dont want to give a spot away to someone who doesnt have the time to give feedback.
So without wasting anymore time, here are a few screenshots I took tonight. More to come this weekend.
Click on the link to open the image in a new window.

Project Dashboard
Milestone Detail View
Milestone List
Subversion Browser
Ticket Detail

If you were paying attention, you noticed that the Wiki link is no longer in the Nav. I have decided to pull the wiki from the first release until I have time to finish it properly. But I hope to have it back in for the first public release.
I will post more this weekend as I get the private beta signup ready.

3 thoughts on “Skweegee Is NOT Dead!! New Screenshots”

  1. Nice on Russ.

    I am in the process of setting up subversion for a new project, and the project manager is getting all Prince2 on me – so I will be putting my hand up for the beta testing

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