CFConversations 19 Framework Discussion

Brian Meloche has released Episode 19 of his CFConversations podcast today. Its the first part of 2 on a really good frameworks discussion. I was fortunate enough to be able to take part in this episode as a representative of ColdBox. I havent had a chance to listen to the final edited version yet but Im worried I came off sounding like an idiot. I was so nervous during the recording my stomach was in knots. So Im afraid I didnt represent ColdBox as well as I would have liked but Im sure Luis will do a better job when he finally gets to do an interview with Brian.
Head over and check it out. Part 2 should be released once the editing is done.
Thanks to Brian for inviting me join in on the podcast thanks to all of the guys for such a great discussion following the recording of the podcast as well.

2 thoughts on “CFConversations 19 Framework Discussion”

  1. Actually I think you did an excellent job myself. I know what you mean though, I tend to be fairly nervous when I speak for presentations, interviews, etc. I know I tend to do a fair amount of hemming and hawing when I talk, and it’s actually gotten worse since I found out about my asperger syndrome. 😛 As a matter of fact I did another interview with Brian and Adam for another CFConversations episode the other day talking about my 2 frameworks as well as autism awareness and I was sort of tossing and turning all night afterward because I kept thinking about all the things I wished I’d expressed differently. So you’re not alone and I think you did a good job despite the nerves. 🙂

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