First Public Release Of Skweegee!!

Well, its finally here! The first public release of Skweegee has been posted to the Riaforge project site. Version 0.4.0 has been in private beta for just over 2 weeks and I feel like its finally ready for public consumption.

Keep in mind that its still a little early on so there are some obvious functions missing but it is very usable. The biggest thing missing is the wiki, since I decided to pull it from this release, but will be added back in by the 0.5.0 release. is running the 0.4.0 release currently and I have enabled the public read-only access so you can get a glimpse of it in read-only mode.

The Google group is opened up to the public now as well, so feel free to join the group and take part in the discussions or post any issues you may run into.
I dont have alot of time right now to post too many details but I will try and get a much more detailed post up later this weekend.

For now, you can download the release from the Riaforge project page.
Thanks to all of the folks on the private beta who tested and submitted feedback!

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