Moving my Blog and Changing RSS Feed

Just a quick note to those few of you who subscribe and the others who run the aggregators. Im moving my blog to a new server and in the process going to switch it over to Mango Blog.
All of my other sites run Mango and this is the last one to make the switch since its the oldest.
I have moved my feed onto Feedburner so I will have a central place for it no matter what platform Im on or where it lives.
Here is the new FeedBurner URL:

I have sent emails to the biggest Aggregators that I know of regarding the switch including Adobe Feeds, CFBloggers and Full As A Goog, so hopefully they will be updated shortly.

I will begin the move tonight and I have a newly created theme, or newly ported theme I should say, just for the Halloween season. This will allow me time to get my new design finished and ported to Mango in November.

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