Skweegee SVN Repo Now Public

I have been promising several of you that I would open the SVN repo back up for public read-only access for some time now. After Mark Mandel prodded me a bit, I finally took half an hour and moved the repository over to my own server and set public access on it.
I cant promise that the latest revisions are 100% working but you can now checkout from the repo and play around with all of the latest stuff. I have migrated all of the latest changes up to the public site at so you can click around over there as well.
The wiki support has been added back into the repo version, as well as a TON of updates and fixes. Im planning to get a release together after the Thanksgiving holidays when things slow down a bit and post the download to the RiaForge site.
If you have any trouble accessing the repo, please feel free to shoot me an email.
SVN Repo :

5 thoughts on “Skweegee SVN Repo Now Public”

  1. — link above is swkeegee… must have spent 5 minutes trying to figure out if my company proxy was choking on it before catching the typo…

    Are you going to put a new build together and put it out on riaforge anytime soon?

  2. I often read your blog and always find it very interesting. Thought it was about time i let you know…Keep up the great work

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