Need CF Telecommuter For Contract

One of my clients is looking to bring on another ColdFusion consultant for a new project. This developer would need to be able to start within the next 2 weeks if at all possible. I will not be working on this project but will be managing it from a high-level as well as being involved and available for questions, troubleshooting, etc.
We are looking for someone who can work on their own that has experience working with jQuery and AJAX as well as being extremely proficient on ColdFusion. Experience with any of the major CF frameworks would be great and if it happens to be ColdBox, all the better. High level of knowledge of working with CFC’s is a must! This project is utilizing SQL Server 2008 and ColdFusion 8 so you will be on the latest and greatest. 
If you are interested or have more questions, feel free to email me at and we can discuss. Your rate/terms are to be discussed with the client. Im just trying to find the best person for the project.

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