Im Going To Flex Camp Miami

Yes, Im going to brave the 95 for some 300+ miles headed south to Coral Gables for Flex Camp Miami. Why not? Its a full day of Flex goodness for a measly $30 and that includes lunch! Seriously though, Brian Rinaldi is known for putting on killer Flex Camps. The speaker line-up is top notch so you know your going to learn something. I think Im most excited that Laura Arguello from ASFusion is going to be there presenting about her Flex framework entitled Mate. I have looked at a few other Flex frameworks in the past and I wasnt really keen on any of them, however, from what I have seen of Mate, Im seriously impressed!
So c’mon! If you are in Florida and even remotely interested in Flex, you owe it to yourself to register and take a short trip to Miami. On that note, if you are interested in carpooling, let me know. I will be leaving from Jacksonville and have room for 4 people. I drive a 2007 Nissan Titan 4-door so there is plenty of room. I even have DVD players in the head rests so the guys in the backseat can watch movies on the way down! ha ha!

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