My Server Is Now Running On Railo

After considering it for a long time, I have finally converted my server over to Railo 3 Community Edition. I have been running ColdFusion 7 on it forever and I just couldn’t justify the upgrade costs to run my couple little blog sites and open-source projects. Fortunately everything went well with only a few unexpected hiccups that I will outline further in a minute. I must say that Im really impressed with Railo so far. I love how the admin is separated by site so each application can have its own settings.
Im one of the folks who has always criticized ColdFusion for not having a “Community Edition” for non-commercial applications like blogs and open-source applications. Im so glad to see that Gert and the guys at Railo have joined forces to open-source Railo and make it more available for developers.
On a few of the hiccups, well, the site is down completely. I expected that since it uses Transfer and I know they are compatible now, but I haven’t had time to work out the issues. Since Im running Mango, the Captcha on the comment form was being displayed as broken image. After posting to the Mango forums, I solution was posted to just install the CF8 Captcha plugin which fixed it right up.
Im really looking forward to writing some apps that can really push Railo and see what its made of.

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  1. The benefit for us CFML developers is in the greater adoption that Railo and OpenBD can bring to CFML as a language and community. For Adobe, I think the profit lies in Bolt (or whatever it will be called). Assuming a greater number of CF users, the need for a standard IDE increases (no knock on CFEclipse…I love and use it daily).

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