Skweegee Has Moved To GitHub

I have decided to take the plunge headfirst with git. Im really digging the distributed nature of it and the fact that I can make small commits to my local repo, then squash them into one atomic commit and push that to the master. It seems to really fit my workflow better.
Due to this switch, I have moved the Skweegee SVN repository over to GitHub. Importing it from SVN wasnt trivial as the GitHub importer failed constantly without telling me why. So I found svn2git and installed the gem. This made it pretty simple and it kept all of the history.
The Skweegee repo can be found here
The SVN repo is still up for now but will not be committed to unless I can find a way to mirror my git commits back to SVN automatically. If I cant, I will pull the SVN repo down later this month.

2 thoughts on “Skweegee Has Moved To GitHub”

  1. Nice! Thanks Tony! I do have a need for that very thing. However not on this project. Im actually getting rid of this server that has the SVN repo on it all-together.

    I’m watching the Wheels GitHub repo 😉

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