Deployment Gotchas – Git And Capistrano

Im just starting to take the leap with Capistrano and so far Im loving it. It simplifies deployment task down to a single command-line call. In my book, that beats syncing the FTP, manually running migrations, etc. One issue I ran into last night though, was during my deployment, I clone my git repository to get the latest version of the application. Thats baked into Capistrano, very simple stuff. However, I kept getting an error that ‘git-index-pack‘ was not a git command.
I spent literally hours googling, reading mailing-list archives, tweaking, updating git, reinstaliing git, etc. Nothing I did made one bit of difference. Being up until 5am probably didnt help me to think clearly either. So after a few hours sleep, I started investigating again. This time it hit me. It hit me like an Amtrak train at full speed.
I host on my own dedicated servers, with that being the case, I have my CentOS servers setup to use Jail-Shell by default for all new accounts in the web group. I completely forgot to change the shell for my deployment user so of course git was failing! Doh!
As soon as I changed the default shell for that user to bash and ran ‘cap deploy:update‘ it worked like a charm!
So if you are deploying to a shared host and running into this issue, make sure to check your shell. I know there are hosts out there that will Jail-Shell you by default.

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  1. Thanks for this.

    Ran into this exact issue this morning after changing a domain name on an account in WHM running on CentOS.

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