Great Intro To Git

I have been asked by several folks lately in the ColdFusion community about Git. It seems that alot of the CF developers are so in-grained with SVN that they either wont consider Git or are afraid of it. Not sure which is the case. But I will say that Git has completely changed the way I look at source control. Ric Roberts has posted a really nice intro to Git that anyone interested in Git should have a look at.
Im planning to do a presentation on Git for the Online CF Meetup as soon as I get time to get the slides together so hopefully that will help de-mystify Git for some of you as well.

4 thoughts on “Great Intro To Git”

  1. Frankly I’m neither scared of Git nor so dedicated to SVN that I won’t try it, but until the Git tools are better I can’t smoothly integrate it into my current workflow, so it’s not worth the time at this juncture. Until they have a solid plugin for Eclipse I just can’t use it as effectively as I can SVN.

    I’ll look forward to seeing your CFMeetup presentation on it though. Very curious to learn more about it.

  2. I guess I dont see if from that standpoint Matt. Im not an Eclipse user so Im used to hitting the Terminal to do lots of stuff. I code in Textmate so I have a terminal window open right next to Textmate and just bounce back and forth.

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