Although there are many downsides to being unemployed, there are a few upsides to it as well. One of which is that you have a TON of time to play with code and learn new things. After almost 3 months between projects now, I started getting the fever to launch something. So I was playing around with CFWheels at that time and decided to throw something together.
The result is Its not nearly feature complete, but I wanted to get something out there and start playing around. Its basically a site that allows CFML developers to create profiles, recommend other developers, etc. The idea is not mine, Most of the functionality is heavily “borrowed” from the Rails site I just thought it would be a cool project and wanted to see how much i could get done with Wheels.
Currently I have around 45 man hours in the site, that includes bug-fixing the last couple days. Its running on the latest version of Railo and was written with version 0.9.3 of CFWheels
If you are so inclined, create profile and share. If you happen to run into any issues, or if you can think of a feature that you would like added, please let me know. Afterall, I dont have much else to do right now. 😉

11 thoughts on “Announcing”

  1. Well, the site looked cool so I tried to sign up. I got an out of memory error page when I submitted the form. (You should really turn off robust error handling). Now, it tells me my username is already taken, but it won’t let me log in with the password I signed up with, and when I try to create another account with a different user name, it tells me the E-mail address is already in use. I also don’t see a reset password option. 🙁

    Let me know if I can still sign up.

    (I was trying to use the user name “bdw429s” and the E-mail address “”)

  2. I created an account at Working with CFML, first time I created the account I got a Railo error message. So, I thought my data didn’t go through, so I tried going through the process again and was notified that I was already registered. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to save the automatically generated password (I use 1Password). Currently there is no way to recover lost password at Working with CFML. Can my password be reset or my account deleted so I can enter a new one?

    (By the way, your Contact Me form doesn’t seem to work – I just keep getting prompted to reeinter the captcha string.)

  3. Sorry for the trouble guys. Running Railo on this server is new for me so Im trying to get the JVM tuned properly.

    Im adding a resend activation function today so if something like that does happen, you will be able to get the activation code.

    I will post here as soon as its up.

    Sorry again for the issues.

  4. Nice project, It’s nice when you get a bit of spare time to work on a pet-project like that, I’ve about a gajilion ideaas in my mind of little apps I wish I had the time to build, kudos!


  5. OK.. I have just migrated some changes to the site and one of them is the ability to resend your activation code via email. Just check the Sign-In or Sign-Up pages. Enter the email you registered with and you should be good to go.

  6. It’s a cool site. I thought that site was already for a long time there (that say’s something about the quality of the site!), but didn’t know it was this young. I have registered without any problems. I miss some big people such as Ben Nadel still hehe. I really like that website, brings people better in contact with each other. I have indeed also tons of ideas, but are actually managing to release every now and then some of them while also having a fulltime job and a wife hehe. But last year I was also jobless and I must say, than you have much more time available for development yes.
    I believe there is a dead/wrong link on the frontpage on the right side (Feed-squirrel).
    But cool that it is CFwheels. I am pro CFWheels now for sure and great job that it also runs on Railo. Keep it coming!

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