Accepted into the Adobe Community Professionals

I found out last night that I have been accepted into the newly renamed Adobe Community Professionals program. I am truly humbled to have made the list especially given some of the names on this years list!  The program used to be known as the Adobe Community Experts but was renamed this year due to some naming conflicts internal to Adobe.
So along with my work on several open-source ColdFusion applications, maintaining and adding new features to, and being active on the CFWheels mailing list, I better get back to blogging regularly as well. I have been so busy with things in both work and personal life that I havent really had the time or motivation to keep blogging over the the last several months. So Im looking at finishing several posts that I started last year as well as continuing forward in 2010.
After 11 years of developing ColdFusion applications, I think this year is going to be one of the best ever!

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