ColdFusion Wallpaper – Revolution

I was doing an image search on Google last night when I came across an image of the old ColdFusion logo from the Allaire days. I started feeling a bit nostalgic and the creative inspiration took over. I have been wanting to spend some time playing around with and investigating Illustrator and Photoshop CS4 so this gave me a good excuse. After a few hours of tinkering, I came up with a new wallpaper and was pretty happy with it so I figured someone else might be interested in using it.
I have created several widescreen versions and an iPhone version as well. Hope you like it.

iPhone Version


15 thoughts on “ColdFusion Wallpaper – Revolution”

  1. Thanks for all the compliments guys, really appreciate it!

    @Steve – I dont have any regular 4:3 monitors so I didnt take time to rework it for those resolutions. If I get some time this week I may go ahead and rework it some and update the post.

    @Andy – Yes I saw yours on Friday when Adam Lehman was using your CF9 v2 on his desktop during a Connect session so I checked out your other ones. Nice Work! Its nice taking time to get away from code and back to my graphics background for a change. I dont spend enough time tinkering and sketching anymore.

  2. This is sweet graphic dude! I manage a couple of publications, and would love to use (with credit to you of course) if you’d be OK with that. However, I’d like the ai or eps file if possible. Let me know. One spot might be on the cover of our southeastern U.S. Ezine, the
    Thanks for considering!

    1. Sorry about the broken links. Migrated from MangoBlog to WordPress lastnight and didnt have time to get all the media links updated in my posts. The links in this post should be good now.

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