ColdBox Training in Southern California

ColdBox Platform Official Training Seminars Announces Early-Bird Special Pricing for March 14-15 2008 CBOX 101- Core ColdBox Seminar in Ontario, California.  Welcome to where it’s sunny and warm!

ColdBox Platform Official Training Seminars today announces an Early-Bird Special discount registration price of just $895 for our March 14-15th, 2009 ColdBox Platform 101 seminar to be held in Ontario, California.  Registrants can take advantage of this early bird savings over the full seminar price of $1,100 by completing their registration before 5PM (Pacific Daylight Time) on February 8th, 2009. (Discounts available for groups of 5 or more)

The ColdBox Platform 101 Seminar is a 2-Day Introduction to ColdBox and ColdBox Platform Application Development providing 16+ hours of intense, hands-on training with ColdBox author Luis Majano in an intimate setting with only 15-20 seats available.  The skills learned in this seminar can be immediately applied to a developer’s daily tasks.

For more information on ColdBox Platform Training or to register, please visit the ColdBox Training web site.

CFConversations 19 Framework Discussion

Brian Meloche has released Episode 19 of his CFConversations podcast today. Its the first part of 2 on a really good frameworks discussion. I was fortunate enough to be able to take part in this episode as a representative of ColdBox. I havent had a chance to listen to the final edited version yet but Im worried I came off sounding like an idiot. I was so nervous during the recording my stomach was in knots. So Im afraid I didnt represent ColdBox as well as I would have liked but Im sure Luis will do a better job when he finally gets to do an interview with Brian.
Head over and check it out. Part 2 should be released once the editing is done.
Thanks to Brian for inviting me join in on the podcast thanks to all of the guys for such a great discussion following the recording of the podcast as well.

Simple CSS Based Graphing Plugin For ColdBox

I had the need the other day for a simple horizontal bar graph. I didnt want to mess with a flash based solution so I found some CSS based graphs and decided to create a ColdBox plugin for them so I can use them again later on.

So I wanted to post them here for anyone that might be interested in using them. The CSS is not my work, it was borrowed from here. Lets take a look at what they look like and how easy they are to use shall we?

For now, there are two styles of bar graph. A simple version and a more complex version. There is also a vertical bar graph but its not quite ready. I will release it as an update in the near future.

The Simple Bar Graph




results in this:

The Complex Graph



results in this:

As you can see, they are very simple graphs as well as simple to use. Just thought they might make it easy for someone who might need them. Let me know if you have any issues or would like a particular enhancement and we can tweak them.

Download the plugin here.

ColdBox Training Partnership

As previously announced, ColdBox is in the midst of a transition from an Open Source Software project to a Professional Open Source Software project. It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce yet another step in this transition: a new strategic partnership between Ortus Solutions, Corp and Rachel Queen Services Group, LLC, which will oversee ColdBox Platform Official Training Seminars and curriculum development.
ColdBox Platform Official Training Seminars will provide 16+ hours of intense, hands-on training featuring:

  • 2-Day Introduction to ColdBox and ColdBox Platform Development (ColdBox Platform 101) or
  • 2-Day Advanced ColdBox Techniques and Application Development (ColdBox Platform 201)
  • Official Training Seminar Workbook + Goodies.
  • Limited Seating will be available, providing a more intimate learning atmosphere (10-15 people max)
  • Regional Training Seminars (off-site, schedule TBA)
  • Private Training Seminars (on-site)

The first ColdBox Platform Official Training Seminar set to cover Introduction to ColdBox and ColdBox Platform Development will be held in Dallas, Texas, and is tentatively scheduled for October 11-12, 2008. To reserve your seat and/or seats for your development team, please contact us at Please be sure to let us know how many seats you would like to reserve, as seats are limited!

NOTE: We are in the process of locking in the Dallas venue and price schedule. As soon as these details are finalized we will make a formal announcement on official location, traveling arrangements, official schedule, individual pricing and curriculum.

ColdBox 2.6 RC2 Released!!

Im a little late on this and certainly not the first to post it but Luis has announced the release of ColdBox 2.6 RC2. I have been using the latest builds for all of my applications and I can tell you that they have been rock solid. I expect more of the same from the RC2 release.
Head over to the ColdBox site and check it out. Still not using ColdBox? I would be curious to know why.

ColdBox Viewlets: Nifty Little Feature

I was chatting with Luis the other day and I had asked a question about how he would handle a certain situation using ColdBox. He promtly replied, “Viewlets!”.
Viewlets? Why havent I heard of viewlets? I have read most of the documentation on the ColdBox wiki, seriously, probably 90% of it! Why dont I remember anything about viewlets.
Well, it turns out that Viewlets are discussed on the very bottom of the Layouts and Views Guide. So Luis sent me a link and I headed over to check them out.Viewlets are pretty cool in how they work. Luis describes them as “a self sufficient view”. So what does that mean, well its a view that can be rendered as-is without having to be called from an event handler. So you can use these viewlets in your layout for instance without having to call them from your handlers directly. Lets look at an example:
Heres a simple little viewlet, we will call it userViewlet.cfm and its just going to show the name of the user to us. Ok, so its not really practical but it will get the point accross.

#fname# #lname#

So, the Viewlet can call an event handler? Yep. The first line of the viewlet code actually calls the method getUsername thats part of our Viewlets event handler and makes the data available to the viewlet.
Heres a look at our sample event handler method:

The event handler method does nothing more than call our service layer using the IOC plugin and runs the query for us then sticks that query into the rc scope to use in our viewlet.
Since viewlets are self sufficient and are responsible for gathering their own data, we can render it anywhere in our application we want like this:


And thats pretty much it. Not a huge concept but it definitely came in handy for building out a Navigation system in my latest project.