Thanks Adobe! But Amazon Made Me Feel Like An Idiot!

I logged on to Amazon today to search for a few Flex 3 and AIR books since Im really focusing on working with the two technologies more this year. So I found a few books and added them to my wishlist and ordered 2 others. As I was managing my wishlist, I noticed that my shipping address for my wishlist was different than the shipping address on my account.
I moved back in June 2007 from the Orlando area back to Jacksonville and I spent several hours one day updating all of my addresses on my online accounts including Amazon. But what I didnt realize is that your wishlist shipping address is not updated when you update your accounts shipping address.
So I immediately updated my whishlist address and even though I have never received anything on my wishlist from anyone other than close friends and family, I figured I would just check to be sure no one had sent anything.
As I changed the pull-down to show purchased items, wouldnt you know it, someone had sent me something. So I called Amazon to see if I could find out who purchased the item and how it was shipped so maybe I could track it down. Of course since I didnt place the order, they wouldnt give me any information about it other than that the order was placed on December 12th, 2007.
The book that was purchased was Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source. Since I have read several other bloggers receiving this book from the Flex Team at Adobe, Im assuming thats who sent it.
So guys, if you are reading, I sincerely appreciate the recognition and effort you put forth! My apologies for not paying better attention to my wishlist stuff!
Amazon did state that if the package was returned to them as undeliverable, that you would be receiving a credit for the purchase.

Ben Forta / Flex 3 Release Tour in Orlando, FL

Brian Legros has been sending the following info out about the Flex 3 Pre-Release Tour:

The Adobe Developers of Greater Orlando (Adogo) user group has been selected as a stop on Adobe’s Flex 3 Pre-release Tour. We’re fortunate enough to have Ben Forta, Adobe’s Senior Technical Evangelist, speaking to the group for this leg of the tour. The meeting will be held on January 21st, 2008 @ 7:00 PM in the Oleander Room at Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa (located at 10000 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando , FL 32819, parking at The Smokehouse). We’ll be giving away a copy of Flex 3 and CS3 Web Premium, a pass to CFUnited 2008, as well as lots of branded schwag from Adobe and CFUnited. Food and drink will be provided to all in attendance while it lasts. Registration for this event is available at Additionally, more information can also be found on our website at
Since this will be the only stop on the tour in the state, we would like to extend an invitation to all of the Adobe User Groups in Florida to join us for our meeting. We are attempting to promote this event as much as possible, but our channels outside of the Orlando area are somewhat limited. If anyone is open to helping, we are definitely grateful for any cross promotions you and your groups can provide for this event.

Im seriously thinking about driving down for that! Im in Jacksonville which is about a 3 hour drive from Orlando so its not too bad. Anyone from Jacksonville interested in going? Maybe we could carpool and split the travel costs. I dont mind driving. I have a new 07 Nissan Titan Crew Cab 4-door truck that seats 5 adults easily so I have room for 4 people if they would like to go. I even have DVD players in the headrests for backseat entertainment during the trip.
If your interested in going, post a comment or shoot me an email and we can arrange the trip.
russ at angry-fly dot com

Im Going To CFUnited!

Thanks to the Teratech crew, Im going to be at CFUnited this year! Im super excited. Although early on in my ColdFusion career I used to make sure I was at the conferences, I havent been to one in years. The last conferences I attended were the very last Allaire developers conference and the first CFun that was held in Orlando, FL. Many many moons ago!

Im excited to finally go meet some of the guys that I have been talking too over the last few years and sit in on some of the topics that I have been really wanting to get into like the Flex stuff.

So if you are going, I will see you there!!!