Win A Copy Of CFBuilder

After nearly 12 years of coding in ColdFusion, I have watched my weight climb as I spend more and more time behind a desk. Gone are the days when I could spend hours in the gym working to increase my 1 rep max when I used to powerlift. Yeah, I gave that up years ago. So in an effort to get some exercise I took up bike riding. After spending several hundred dollars on a decent mountain bike, I quickly realized that if you weigh more than 200 pounds, those seats are just not meant for you. Not even with padded shorts! Ouch!
So I went looking for a new option. I came across a recumbent trike that looked really comfortable. So I tracked down a dealer and took the hour and a half drive to go test drive one. It was like peddling a reclining lawn chair. Super comfortable! Needless to say, I bought 2 of them so my wife could ride along with me.
We wanted to set a goal for ourselves but not just some verbal goal that we could easily get out of. We needed to be committed to something so we had accountability. So we found out about the National Multiple Sclerosis Societies MS150 fundraisers. These are bike rides held all over the country that normally span 2 days and about 150 miles. There are options for 1 day events as well for more beginning riders but no-way was I going to take the easy way out! Im going for the whole deal. This gave us something to be accountable for. When you sign up you agree to raise a minimum of $200 via sponsors or you pay the $200 yourself. This was great, we were helping to raise money for a great cause and we had a goal to achieve.
Our riding is going good, we are doing 30+ miles a day on the weekends already and feeling pretty good afterwards so Im confident we will be ready come October 2nd when the ride takes place. I have lost nearly 30 lbs already as well which is a great side bonus.
Now, here is my problem. When we signed up, we had a friendly competition going about who could raise the most money for the ride. She works in the emergency room of a local hospital and the doctors there are all going crazy signing up on her sponsorship sheet. She is kicking my tail!!
I need some help in fundraising so I decided to give a copy of ColdFusion Builder away to a random person who donates $5 or more to my ride. I set a goal of $1000 in fundraising which is completely reachable considering there are individuals now who already have over $5000 raised and we still have 8 weeks to go!

I will enter all the names of those who sponsor me for $5.00 or more into a db table and throw together a quick ColdFusion template that will randomly select one of them. That person will receive a copy of ColdFusion Builder which includes Flash Builder 4 Standard.
*** UPDATE ***
After talking someone about this and getting a little more insight, Im changing the rules just a bit. For every $5.00 that you donate, your name will get entered into the database. So if you donated $20.00, your name would be entered into the database 4 times, essentially giving you 4 chances to win.
Donations must me received before October 2nd when the ride takes place in order to win.
You can donate online via the MS Society’s site and my personal fundraising page here. You must use this link to donate online so I get credit for the donation.
Im linking a few sites below if you are interested in reading a bit more about the National MS Society or the “Cycle to the Shore” event.
National MS Society, North Florida Chapter
BikeMS Cycle To The Shore Event
Feel free to comment with any questions.

Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. Things have been so crazy with my wife having surgery and trying to keep up with client work, not to mention the kids!
Just wanted to take a minute to recommend Joss Whedon’s new undertaking. I bought the first 3 acts of Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog from iTunes the other day. It stars Neil Patrick Harris as Dr Horrible and Nathan Fillion as his nemesis Captain Hammer.
Its a musical thats really very humorous and entertaining. If you like Joss Whedon’s stuff, you really should check it out.

Moving my Blog and Changing RSS Feed

Just a quick note to those few of you who subscribe and the others who run the aggregators. Im moving my blog to a new server and in the process going to switch it over to Mango Blog.
All of my other sites run Mango and this is the last one to make the switch since its the oldest.
I have moved my feed onto Feedburner so I will have a central place for it no matter what platform Im on or where it lives.
Here is the new FeedBurner URL:

I have sent emails to the biggest Aggregators that I know of regarding the switch including Adobe Feeds, CFBloggers and Full As A Goog, so hopefully they will be updated shortly.

I will begin the move tonight and I have a newly created theme, or newly ported theme I should say, just for the Halloween season. This will allow me time to get my new design finished and ported to Mango in November.

Goliath’s Misty Golden Dream, You Will Be Missed

It has been a sad few days around our house. Our yellow lab, Misty, has been dealing with problems with what we thought was her rear legs but after another vet visit yesterday turned out to be her hips. Misty would be turning 9 in June and we have had her since she was 12 weeks old. It was a tough decision but the last thing we wanted was for her to be in any sort of pain which reduced her quality of life.
At 2:25 pm today, she was put to rest. Losing her is weighing heavily on all of us but we know she is no longer in pain. She was so great with the kids and we were very lucky to have her as part of our family for so long.
We love you Misty!

Of Gut Feelings And Instincts

My wife and I were discussing something yesterday after I asked for her input. After a few minutes of discussion she made a comment that really made me stop and think. She told me that I make more decisions just based off of my gut feeling than anyone she has ever known.
Now my wife and I have been together for about 10 years and we have known each other for over 20, so I think she has a pretty good “read” on me by now.
I really stopped to think about this, seriously, pondered over it for well over an hour last night trying to think of all the decisions lately that I have made purely on my instinct and not based on some sort of fact or research.
My conclusion, she was right. I do make a ton of decisions based purely on how I feel about them. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, most of the decisions that I came up with worked out well, a few didn’t. It almost makes me want to start taking notes on these decisions so in the future I can compile some stats to see if I’m doing the right thing. Although, that might be a little obsessive.
Some of these decisions are small, trivial matters. Others have more impact on me and my family. Or even my job and the work that I produce.
I wonder how many of you have consciously thought about the decisions you make in this manner. Right or wrong I guess it’s just part of our nature.

What really bothered me was the decisions that I made where I chose against my initial instinct and they ended up being wrong choices. How many times have you said, “I should have just went with my gut!”? It’s funny how your first instinct is usually the correct one. I guess maybe I should just embrace that and run with it. After-all, thats what my gut is telling me to do.


Yes, Im yelling it!! Screaming at the top of my lungs! For those of you that are Mac users such as myself and were using the Unsanity applications on Tiger, you know how great they are. Since moving to Leopard, all of their applications have been broken and they almost seemed to go dark with VERY little communication to the purchasers of their applications.
Well, this morning I woke up to an email from them announcing beta versions of several of their apps for Leopard!! Yay!!

  • Application Enhancer
  • Smart Crash Reports
  • FontCard
  • Menu Master
  • Silk
  • FruitMenu
  • WindowShade X

I have been dieing without my WindowShade!! Im going to be installing a few of these that I purchased later today. I will let you know how it goes.
If you are running Leopard and didnt get the email, head over to their site and get in on the goodness!

MacHeist Ends Today – Only 6 hours left

MacHeist, the insanely discounted software bundle for Mac is down to only 6 hours left. All of the applications have been unlocked and sales are doing great! Not only do you get MAJOR savings on some great apps, 25% of the proceeds are donated to charities that you chose. As of this writing they have already sold 39,350 bundles and raised $437,958 for charity!
So if you have been putting it off, get your behind over there and get the loot! Several of these applications I have used already and they are fabulous. Especially CSSEdit and Pixelmator. Snapz Pro X is also included but I havent used it yet. I have read some really great reviews of it though.
I cant wait for the next bundle!

Jericho Returns To T.V. February 12th!

I meant to blog this a week or so ago. But during the holidays, I saw the first Jericho promo on T.V. for the return of season 2! I am so stoked to actually see this come to fruition, especially after they canceled the show and then decided to bring it back due to overwhelming fan response. Its about time a T.V. network decided to listen to its viewers!! Sure wish they would’ve listened to us when it came to Firefly.
You can watch the promo on the Jericho website if you havent seen it yet.
Season 2 of Jericho kicks off on February 12th at 10 EST. I better clear some space on my DVR!

Feeling a little behind the times already…

I’ve been playing PC games for the better part of 10 years now and pretty heavily over the last 7 years. I’ve bought the “latest and greatest” video cards and all types of hardware just to stay ahead of the curve. It seems like technology is moving so fast that as soon as you buy the best thing on the market, the new stuff comes out with better specs and its half the price. Im pretty used to that coming from the pc world though. But I just got a huge smack in the face from Apple that I wasnt quite expecting.
As you can tell from my previous post, I just bought my first iMac and have been very happy with it. That hasnt changed, Im still very happy with it and Im finding more things everyday to like about it. But I just took a stroll over to the site as I do frequently hoping to see some new previews of the upcoming Leopard release and was greeted by a big sign that kind of made me feel like a jackass.
Apple just released a new line of iMacs including a stunning 24″ widescreen model which I can image is incredible. The thing that gets me is that I just bought my 20″ model 3 weeks ago and paid $1809 for it from the Apple store in Orlando, FL. Now 3 weeks later they introduce a new 20″ model with twice the ram, a faster processor and a brighter display, “a full 40% brighter” according to the site and its only $1499!! Damn thats aggravating!!
Sometimes I feel like I just cant win!! My timing sucks!!