Skweegee Has Moved To GitHub

I have decided to take the plunge headfirst with git. Im really digging the distributed nature of it and the fact that I can make small commits to my local repo, then squash them into one atomic commit and push that to the master. It seems to really fit my workflow better.
Due to this switch, I have moved the Skweegee SVN repository over to GitHub. Importing it from SVN wasnt trivial as the GitHub importer failed constantly without telling me why. So I found svn2git and installed the gem. This made it pretty simple and it kept all of the history.
The Skweegee repo can be found here
The SVN repo is still up for now but will not be committed to unless I can find a way to mirror my git commits back to SVN automatically. If I cant, I will pull the SVN repo down later this month.

Skweegee SVN Repo Now Public

I have been promising several of you that I would open the SVN repo back up for public read-only access for some time now. After Mark Mandel prodded me a bit, I finally took half an hour and moved the repository over to my own server and set public access on it.
I cant promise that the latest revisions are 100% working but you can now checkout from the repo and play around with all of the latest stuff. I have migrated all of the latest changes up to the public site at so you can click around over there as well.
The wiki support has been added back into the repo version, as well as a TON of updates and fixes. Im planning to get a release together after the Thanksgiving holidays when things slow down a bit and post the download to the RiaForge site.
If you have any trouble accessing the repo, please feel free to shoot me an email.
SVN Repo :

First Public Release Of Skweegee!!

Well, its finally here! The first public release of Skweegee has been posted to the Riaforge project site. Version 0.4.0 has been in private beta for just over 2 weeks and I feel like its finally ready for public consumption.

Keep in mind that its still a little early on so there are some obvious functions missing but it is very usable. The biggest thing missing is the wiki, since I decided to pull it from this release, but will be added back in by the 0.5.0 release. is running the 0.4.0 release currently and I have enabled the public read-only access so you can get a glimpse of it in read-only mode.

The Google group is opened up to the public now as well, so feel free to join the group and take part in the discussions or post any issues you may run into.
I dont have alot of time right now to post too many details but I will try and get a much more detailed post up later this weekend.

For now, you can download the release from the Riaforge project page.
Thanks to all of the folks on the private beta who tested and submitted feedback!

Skweegee Private Beta Is Underway

The private beta period started last week and I have already gotten some good feedback from the testers.
Version 0.4.0 will probably be released to the public by the end of the week as long as no major issues come up that cant be resolved by then.
I will post here and update the Skweegee project page on RIAForge with the release file as soon as its ready.

Skweegee Private Beta – Sign Up Quick

UPDATE: Registration is now closed

In my last post I mentioned that I would be putting up a beta sign-up form for Skweegee. Well, that time has come. At long last!
Im going to keep the number of testers in the private beta very limited, so dont wait!
And please, if you dont have time to test and submit feedback and bugs, dont sign up. You will end up taking the spot of someone who has the time and willingness to help.
As of right now, Im planning to kick the beta off next week sometime. As the time grows closer, I will update those selected with the exact date the release file will be available.

The private beta will be done in several rounds, as the kinks are worked out, we will add more people to the beta. Im not sure how many rounds yet but Im anticipating 3 or so. I want to make sure that everything thats in the first public release is as solid as possible.

Skweegee Private Beta Registration

Thanks to everyone for your help!

Skweegee Is NOT Dead!! New Screenshots

Thats right, its NOT dead! I have been getting quite a few emails over the last several months prodding me to get something released. And thank God for them! I finally got off my ass and spent some time getting it ready to go.
After one and a half years, 2 frameworks, 2 ORMS, and 3 re-writes, Im about ready to open the private beta! The SVN repo is closed right now but Im going to open it up after we complete the private beta.If your are interested in joining the beta, stay tuned. Im going to be posting a sign-up form VERY soon. As in the next couple days. Giving feedback is a requirement of the beta so if you dont have time to test it and report back, please dont sign up. Im only opening a select number of spots so that I can manage the beta group more effectively and I dont want to give a spot away to someone who doesnt have the time to give feedback.
So without wasting anymore time, here are a few screenshots I took tonight. More to come this weekend.
Click on the link to open the image in a new window.

Project Dashboard
Milestone Detail View
Milestone List
Subversion Browser
Ticket Detail

If you were paying attention, you noticed that the Wiki link is no longer in the Nav. I have decided to pull the wiki from the first release until I have time to finish it properly. But I hope to have it back in for the first public release.
I will post more this weekend as I get the private beta signup ready.

Skweegee Update – Getting Close Now!

I have spent most of the day today working on Skweegee trying to finalize the port over to ColdBox. During the port I decided there were quite a few things I wanted to change or update so that has undoubtedly slowed me down. That coupled with the insane amount of time we have been putting in the last couple months trying to wrap up some projects at work.

I hope to spend most of the day Sunday working on it as well in hopes to get a beta out by the end of next week. I will post some screenshots of some of the new screens and features later in the evening Sunday. Its too late to worry with tonight.

Skweegee Updates This Weekend

I have received several patches from folks for Skweegee that fixed a couple major issues. I havent had a chance to completely test them yet but I’m trying to get it all done this weekend so I can roll it into a new release.

The two biggest issues were using Javaloader to load the svn libraries and allowing the SVN browser to connect to Subversion repositories that are running on the SVN Daemon over the svn:// protocol.

I am shooting for getting these completely tested and out the door by Sunday.

Skweegee License Change : Introducing the Creative Commons

When creating an opensource project, one of the most overlooked details about most projects is the license. How many people actually release code to their projects without seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY considering which license to release it under.

My whole view on opensource software is that if you are willing to write the software and release it as true opensource, then you should not limit the uses of the software. Of course this is only my opinion on the matter and Im sure not everyone agrees with me on that point. Thats the reason there are so many different opensource licenses available.

The only restriction I feel that true opensource software should have is that if any modifications or derivatives are made that those modifications and derivatives should be released under the same license. This keeps the cycle of opensource going and it benefits the entire community.

I’ve heard alot about the Creative Commons license lately and decided today that I would give it a read and see what it was all about. I must say that Im impressed with how forward thinking and open this license really is. Im so impressed with it that Im changing the licensing from GNU to Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike on all of my opensource projects and code.

If you would like to know more about the Creative Commons or to build your own Creative Common license, head over to their site and check it out!

Skweegee Updates Committed To Subversion

I have committed quite a few updates and bug fixes to the Subversion repository. Some of these include the addition of dynamic graphs in the Roadmap view of the tickets and their status for each milestone as well as converting all of the forms over to a standard CSS format called UniForm.

I should be packaging a few more features including the Timeline view into a new release and update the zip by June 29th.